Mr Satish Sugars Classic

10th Mr Satish Sugars Classic - 2017

Taluka Level Competitions - 10th December 2017, 6:00 PM
Maharshi Valmiki Kreedangana, Gokak
District Level Competitions - 15th December 2017, 6:00 PM Onwards
Sardar High School, Belagavi
State Level Competitions - 16th December 2017, 6:00 PM Onwards
Sardar High School, Belagavi
Women's National Level Competitions - 17th December 2017, 6:00 PM Onwards
Sardar High School, Belagavi
Mr Satish Sugars Classic

About MR S S Classic

Vision of the meet

The concept is to bring the Body Builders from every nook and corner of the country under one platform, one roof. To participate in the event to establish the sanctity of the body building sports in the country which will help to build a strong generation now and incoming future. The action packed body builders unique physique are the favorites of the youth mass. The event encourages the upcoming youths who are in the process of body building gym activities. And thousands of youth have participated as very keen spectators.

The Classic 2014 meet has also cared the physically challenged body builders and given the platform to show the word that they too can make unique physique though they are physically challenged, which is hard nut to crack. Physically challenged body builders proved “impossible to possibility”. More than 53 participated from all over India were at Belgavi.

The Soul Motto

The soul motto of event is "to represent the national integrity by involving body builders from all the different cultural cults under one roof to represent the nation as one". The sports have no any barriers of color caste and creed. It is only a pure power driven sports for communal harmony.

The Mantra

The entire event is being executed and conducted to achieve the slogan of “We catch them young, to shape their future” is an inspiration along with another slogan hand in hand "Your Effort, Our Support" (Prayatna Nimmadu, Protsaha Nammadu).

The Reward

Mr. Satish Sugars Classic – 2014 the Taluka level body building championship was conducted at Gokak on Dec 7th – 2014 in categories of 55 kg, 60 kg, 60+ kg, CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS, and BEST POSER of the Taluka has been awarded with cash prizes and trophies. Total no. of body builders took part in the classic 2014 championship were 52 representing surrounding villages of Gokak.

Facilities Provided by Organisers

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for 3 Days
  • Accommodation for 3 Days for National & State Level
  • Two Side Train Fare 1/4 for all Participants & Officials Recommended by IBBF only for National & State Level
  • Arrival Point : Belagavi (Karnataka)
  • T-Shirt to participants and officials
  • Track Suits For winners only.

Under the Aegis of

  • Indian Body Builders Federation(Mumbai)-(IBBF)

Recognized By

  • Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt of India

IBBF is affiliated To

  • World Body Building and Physique Sports Federation
  • WBPF(Dubai,UAE) & Asian Body Building
  • Physique Sports Federation ABBF (Singapore)

Conducted By

  • Karnataka Association of Body Builders, Mangalore(KABB)
  • Belgaum Distict Body Builders(BDBBA)
  • Gokak Taluka Body Builders Association(GTBBA).


Mr S S Classic 2017 Competition Schedules

Taluk Level - Competitions

Date : 10th December 2017

Venue : Maharshi Valmiki Kreedangana, Gokak

District Level - Competitions

Date : 15th December 2017

Venue : Sardar High School, Belagavi

State Level - Competitions

Date : 16th December 2017

Venue : Sardar High School, Belagavi

Women's National Level - Competitions

Date : 17th December 2017

Venue : Sardar High School, Belagavi

Railway Timings

Belgaum Bombay - Bombay Delhi

SG - 2548
IXG(12:25) - BOM(13:15)

SG - 158
BOM(18:45) - DEL(20:55)

Delhi Bombay - Bombay Belgaum

SG - 153
DEL (06:35) - BOM (08:45)

SG - 2872
BOM (14:50) - IXG (16:05)

Belgaum - Chennai

SG - 3462
IXG(19:15) - MAA (20:55)

Chennai - Belgaum

SG - 3461
MAA(07:35) - IXG (09:05)

Belgaum Bombay - Bombay Kolkatta

SG - 2548
IXG (12:25) - BOM (13:15)

SG - 487
BOM (19:40) - CCU (22:25)

Kolkatta - Bombay - Belgaum

SG - 488
CCU(07:55) - BOM (10:50)

SG - 2872
BOM(14:50) - IXG(16:05)

Belgaum Mumbai - Mumbai Ahmedabad

SG - 2548
IXG (12:25) - BOM (13:40)

SG - 637
BOM (22:40) - AMD (23:50)

Ahmedabad Mumbai - Mumbai Belgaum

SG - 636
AMD (05:40) - BOM (06:40)

SG - 2872
BOM(14:50) - IXG(16:05)

Belgavi Bangalore - Bangalore Hyderabad

SG - 3483
IXG (09:25) - BLR (10:50)

SG - 702
BLR(14:40) - HYD(15:55)

Hyderabad Bangalore - Bangalore Belgavi

SG - 705
HYD (12:55) - BLR (14:10)

SG - 3466
BLR(17:35) - IXG (18:55)








11005 , 11021 , 11035


11006 , 11022


11303 , 17320




16209 , 16505 , 16533 , 16531


Prize Cash Prize
1stPlace . 5,000
2ndPlace . 4,000
3rdPlace . 3,000
4thPlace . 2,000
5thPlace . 1,000
Champion of Champions(Title Winner) 75,555
Best Poser 10,000
Prize Cash Prize
1stPlace . 10,000
2ndPlace . 9,000
3rdPlace . 8,000
4thPlace . 7,000
5thPlace . 6,000
Champion of Champions(Title Winner) 1,50,000
Best Poser 15,000
Prize Cash Prize
1stPlace . 15,000
2ndPlace . 14,000
3rdPlace . 13,000
4thPlace . 12,000
5thPlace . 11,000
Best Poser 20,000
Champion of Champions(Title Winner) 2,00,000
Prize Cash Prize
1stPlace . 1,00,000
2ndPlace . 75,000
3rdPlace . 50,000
4thPlace . 25,000
5thPlace . 15,000
6thPlace . 10,000
7thPlace . 10,000
8thPlace . 10,000
9thPlace . 10,000
10thPlace . 10,000
Prize Cash Prize
1stPlace . 1,50,000
2ndPlace . 1,00,000
3rdPlace . 50,000
4thPlace . 30,000
5thPlace . 20,000
Prize Cash Prize
1stPlace . 50,000
2ndPlace . 40,000
3rdPlace . 30,000
4thPlace . 25,000
5thPlace . 20,000
Best Poser 25,000
Team Championship 25,000
Runner Up 1,50,000
Champion of Champions(Title Winner) 4,00,000

The Platforms


Serving the society through economic development, SSL has today grown to become a dynamic group of companies that makes a fine case of youthful spirit and farsighted vision.

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Sole Motto of searching the budding talents & Potentials and to Boost them to State and National level Recombination’s.

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Buddha, Basava, Ambedkar, Jana Jagruthi Kendra Belagavi. The Kendra is always is in action to shelter the humiliated and suppressed community and fight for their recognition.

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An interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring.

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The Man Behind

Satish Jarkiholi

Mr. Satish, a social worker from Gokak, has been quite active in various social fronts, right from playing a pivotal role in financially supporting sports tournaments in rural as well as urban areas. Currently the member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly, he has set up many educational institutions such as Nayak Student Federation, Laxmi Education Trust.

With his immense experience in the Sugar industry (being an agriculturist himself), he has served as the Director of Ghataprabha Sahakari Sakkare Karkhane Niyamit, which is a sugar factory. His previous achievements include being the former Director of Belgaum District Central Co-Operative Bank Ltd. and former Director of the Karnataka State Federation of Co-Operative Sugar Factories Ltd.

Mr. Satish Jarkiholi as a youth he has dedicated himself to develop various sports fields including body building sports. He has sponsored many sports tournaments organized by the rural and urban areas and facilitated them financial help. He himself was a young cricketrian.

Some of his key contributions in organizing and promoting Sports sportsmanship at Gokak:

  • South Zone Volleyball championship at Gokak in the year 1995
  • All India Volleyball Federation cup – Flood light Tournament for Men and Women in the year 1996.

Mr. Satish has quite a few projects in his pipeline and through his different initiatives he wishes to improvise the social and cultural scenario of the rural areas. His projects in Anvil include, medical college and super specialty hospital, distillery unit and education institutes apart from power generation unit, super market and cultural and sports academy. The main aim of this successful entrepreneur is to resonate the name of his native land, Gokak in the capital of India ‘New Delhi’. Also we can say, with his wide number of ventures, that day also doesn’t seem far behind.

Detailing of his mission:

Mass convention in graveyard - Through this mission, he is eradicating superstitious and blind belief among people. Every year, on the 6th of December, he holds Parivarthana Din i.e. Death anniversary of Dr.B.R.Ambedka, where people take the food and spends over a night in the grave yard.

30 districts are being covered by the MANAVA BANDHUTWA VEDIKE (MBV) Platform by providing awareness against superstitious and blind belief. His achievement can be seen through his results i.e. 50000 people participated on this event on 6th of December 2015.

Contact Us

Satish Jarkiholi
"Hill Garden"
Anna Road, Gokak - 591307
+91- 98441 37843
+91- 08332 – 226965
+91- 08332 – 226967
Contact Person
Sunil Aptekar
Ajit Siddannavar
Rajesh Lohar
Riyaz Chougala
Prakash Pujari
Katesh Gokavi
Ramesh Kallimatni